Hulk Exteriors is here to accommodate your need for professional service in all areas of aluminum & soft metal products for you home. You will be happy to know that all of our soft metals are custom made & fabricated on site to ensure a perfect fit & installation. We use top quality machines to produce your eavestrough, high-end brakes to bend or manipulate any soft metals for a perfect fit, and did we mention the strongest & most visually appealing product choices out available.

Seamless Eavestrough

  • Elegant designer profile
  • Large 5 (five) inches wide
  • Gutter guard/leaf guard available to prevent clogged gutter from leaves & debris No need to hire someone to clean them!
  • Accommodated by large 3x3 downpipes & spouts
  • Secured to your home with screws (no more nails) & hanger clips.
  • Professionally sloped for proper water drainage
  • Hand bent/mitred corners
  • Seamless, providing minimal points of leakage
  • Installed to prevent basement leaks & water pooling at the ground level
  • Thickest & strongest materials used
  • Wide colour selections available


  • Upgrade your homes roof & attic ventilation by upgrading your soffit
  • Add vents throughout your roofline perimeter
  • Noticeable curb appeal with clean design and colour selections
  • Vented soffit for perimeter
  • Designer flat soffit for gables and porch/patio covers
  • Promotes airflow allowing your home, attic & roof to breathe freely
  • Prevents mold & condensation
  • New aluminum is strong & maintenance free
  • Prevents animal/pest problems


  • Allows your new eavestrough to look it’s best
  • Strongest aluminum available, plenty of colour options
  • Protects your fascia board from rot due to weather conditions
  • If your fascia board rots, your new eavestrough will not be screwed in and secured properly
  • Prevents leaks in your home
  • Because your eavestrough is sloped, it allows the angle to blend into your fascia to look proportionate
  • Custom bent with one of our 10 ft. 4 inch aluminum brakes for less seams
  • Secured by screws
  • Helps secure your soffit
  • Fresh trim look around your entire house, including gables & dormers